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Beauty and the Bees Callington Mill Oatmeal, Cucumber & Leatherwood Honey Soap 120g


A traditional favourite with skin soothing oatmeal and refreshing cucumber.

A traditional favourite with skin soothing Tasmanian Callington Mill oatmeal and real cucumber – no, not wimpy extracts, a real pulverised vegetable!

OrganoManic: “Made from the finest, 100% natural oatmeal and cucumber, this bar is excellent for oily skin types with its organic benefits. Its like having Mother Earth care for your skin. Can it get any more natural than that? Your skin will just love to breathe after a wash with this bar. It contains tiny granules of oatmeal that gently exfoliate your skin leaving it soft and supple, and cucumber removes any excess oil and freshens your skin. It soothes, nourishes and hydrates. I have personally seen it help clear my skin within just two weeks of use. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for skincare that is totally chemical-free while being more effective than any other skin care product available. Enriched with the wholesomeness of earth, it smells good enough to eat!” (Review)

Who for? For those who want to exfoliate and sooth the skin at the same time.

What is it? A face and body soap/scrub bar which contains oatmeal to gently exfoliate and cucumber to sooth and refresh the skin.

Skin type : All


Coconut oil; Mount Wellington spring water (soap nut infused); olive oil; sunflower oil; soy wax; Leatherwood beeswax; Tasmanian Callington Mill oatmeal; Tasmanian seaweed extract; cucumber; essential oils (Cinnamon & Ylang ylang); Sodium borate (Borax) <1%; Leatherwood honey

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