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Beauty and the Bees Tasmanian Goat’s Milk Shampoo Bar 120g


– Hair type : dry sensitive scalp, dry hair, and those with eczema, psoriasis

– Why is pure unscented Tasmanian Goats Milk Shampoo so special for dry sensitive scalp, dry hair, and those with eczema, psoriasis?

– Cleopatra was the most famous user of milk in her beauty regimen, and it has been used for thousands of years to moisturize the skin and hair …but it does so much more! The Lactic acid contained in Goats milk helps to moisturize, soften, and cleanse the hair too.

– Unscented, with only 5 pure ingredients – other than Fresh Tasmanian Goats milk- Olive Oil, Coconut oil, soy wax, Castor oil, Leatherwood beeswax, it is especially gentle and beneficial for those people ( babies too) with sensitive dry skin eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and leaves skin and hair feeling soft and moisturised.

– We make our Goats milk soap in very small batches at low temperature, to ensure that all the goodness in the milk which is locally produced in the clean verdant pastures of the Huon Valley-is retained to provide a silky creamy lather- it is virtually solid goats milk!

– Goat’s milk is super creamy and rich, and contains proteins, minerals, amino acids lipids and Vitamin A to nourish the hair and skin….please note that the bar is slightly softer than our other bars due to the 100% milk content.


  1. Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water.
  2. Moisten the bar and then rub it directly through your hair from scalp to ends, working up a thick lather with the pads of your fingers (do not use your fingernails).
    Wet your hands with warm water and lather up by rubbing the bar between your hands. Work the lather from your hands into your hair using the pads of your fingers (not your fingernails), massaging the scalp and hair roots and cleaning outward towards the ends.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water until all of the shampoo lather is removed.


N.B. Like soap the shampoo lather can sting if it gets in the eyes so tilt your head backwards.

You will be amazed at how luxuriously decadent the lather is, and how fabulous your hair will feel once it dries.

The natural plant oils in the shampoo, especially the castor bean oil, produce a rich, dense, creamy moisturising lather which gently yet effectively cleanses, nourishes and moisturises, leaving your hair clean, soft and shiny.



My hair feels weird/gummy/funny/FUNKY! How long will it take my hair to adjust to a natural Shampoo Bar?


Don’t use our natural Shampoo Bars just once or twice – Give them a chance!!


Most people report positive results after just 1 – 2 washes. However, 3 – 4 washes or more may be required to fully remove the silicone build up from commercial shampoos. During this time your hair may feel and look different. We call this FUNKY hair – the transition time as your hair gets used to a natural soap shampoo instead of a detergent.

AND, it has to be said, some people’s hair just does not like shampoo bars, but that is rare as you can see from the many positive testimonials.

There are several common factors that can hinder great results, either individually or in combination with each other. These problems are answered in other questions but can include:

  • Residue from the synthetic polymers/silicone that commercial shampoos leave in your hair
  • Hard water
  • Not rinsing properly or not using an acidulated/clarifying rinse after use
  • Not using the right bar for your hair
  • Poor shampooing technique
  • You haven’t allowed enough time for the detox and adjustment phase

Your hair and scalp will take time to “detox” and adjust. Commercial detergent shampoos contain synthetic silicones that make the hair feel slippery and “nice”, but are derived from plastic petroleum derived polymers. These gel-like substances coat the hair and scalp.

In addition, SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a synthetic foaming agent) also strips away your natural protective conditioning oils (sebum) causing your scalp and hair to become dry. Your dry scalp now tries to compensate by producing more of its natural oil. Excess oil production escalates to compensate for the harsh shampoo and the vicious cycle begins….

By breaking this cycle with a gentle natural SOAP shampoo bar (not detergent) you will no longer have those chemicals stripping away the natural oils and drying out the hair and scalp. But it will take time for your scalp to re-balance its natural oil production. This usually happens quickly, but it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and for some even longer. BE PATIENT and you will be rewarded with healthier hair and scalp.

Because shampoo bar soaps do not strip hair in the same way as detergent based shampoos, you may notice your freshly washed wet hair feels quite different to what you may be accustomed to: squeaky, with a slightly rough feel if the cuticle is sticking up. This is perfectly normal. You’ll love how your hair feels after it dries: much softer and shinier.

Remember with a natural Shampoo – IT’S ALL GOOD IN THE END!!!


Fresh Tasmanian goat’s milk; olive oil; coconut oil; soy wax; castor oil; Leatherwood beeswax.

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